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Meet Susanne

(and her adorable assistant Charlie)


I have so many and they are attached to any number of amazing places I've been and shared with the people closest to me.

I believe our unique experiences make us who we are and the adornments we wear are reminders of these adventures. A special piece should capture the spirit of living and bring your story to life. Which is why world travel has long been my biggest influence; sparking inspiration with each new, exciting adventure.

For me, those adventures began at the ripe old age of five.

Living in Germany, traveling through Europe and encountering a myriad of cultures along the way I began seeing the world through a creative lens, noticing all the nuances of color and light, details in textures and form.

When I was 36, I left my job in advertising to follow my passion and work with jewelry full-time.

I traveled to Southeast Asia for a month returning to sell my new designs to upscale boutiques and jewelry stores. My travels introduced me to more than just exotic new places like Thailand and Cambodia, but to a wide array of gemstones close to their source.

I brought back a treasure trove of natural gemstones in all imaginable colors, shapes and sizes.

This inspired me to earn my Graduate Gemologist Diploma from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Experiences like these make me feel the most alive, and that life finds its way into jewelry created for and with people like you. People searching for something special, something with meaning. Not just another piece of jewelry.

When we work together, I’ll focus my creative curiosity on you, and on the special piece of jewelry you envision wearing or gifting in that precious moment.


Express yourself beautifully and
effortlessly with meaningful
pieces that are a part of you.


Here at Susanne Siegel Custom Jewelry, one of my specialties is Reimagined Heirlooms®.

I reimagine jewelry you no longer wear and create something modern, beautiful and still full of memories for you to love and wear again.

So, what excites you? Is it a new experience, a place, a color, your favorite person?

What memorable pieces sit in your jewelry box collecting dust? Wouldn’t you love to wear them again?

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