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Sometimes we have sentimental jewelry sitting in a drawer because it's not our style or needs a refresh. I love working with you to reimagine this jewelry into your new favorite heirloom!

“Susanne worked with me from a pile of pieces to creating this UNBELIEVABLE, AMAZING, AND SPECTACULAR piece I will have all my lifetime... and then some.”

Kansas City, MO

“I got my package today!! OMG I absolutely love both of my pieces!! The ring is PERFECT!! Thank you so very much!”

Bogart, GA

“I smile each time I look at my ring. It represents two strong women who influenced my life. I'm so lucky to have this beautiful reminder of them.”

Chicago, IL


This piece was one of my favorites and most challenging in the best of ways. My client Kristin's nightly sunset view of her farm from the back deck means the world to her. From one sunset lover to another, I felt this special view needed to be celebrated, and I could think of no better way than to use her heirloom diamonds to re-create this special feeling so she would have it with her always.

This ring is PERFECT!! Thank you so very much!! You created another incredible piece out of old jewelry (that I haven't worn in many years) into an artistic treasure!! I LOVE my sunset view more than anything, and you re-created this gorgeous landscape using my diamonds in my new favorite ring!”


My client came to me with jewelry and gemstones representing three different generations of her family. She had been wanting to create a really meaningful Reimagined Heirloom® that she would love for herself and eventually pass down.


Diamonds, sapphires, and rubies set in gold

Susanne Siegel is simply the best! She helped me create a piece of jewelry made from family pieces I’d been given. A true modern heirloom.

Between 2 pairs of earrings, 2 wedding rings, and loose stones I had collected over the years from my Mom, my stepMom, both of my maternal grandmothers, and my Dad, I had beautiful pieces that meant so much to me, but wasn't jewelry I would wear.

I had been saying for YEARS, I was going to 'do something' with all this and have a piece(s) made I could wear all the time. Enter stage right.... Susanne Siegel with Susanne Siegel Jewelry and her Reimagined Heirlooms® work. She worked with me from a pile of pieces, to drawings and consultations, to wax carvings, to a Master Goldsmith creating this UNBELIEVABLE, AMAZING, AND SPECTACULAR piece I will have all my lifetime... and then pass along to my niece. It's the only piece of jewelry in our family that represents three different generations - truly tomorrow's heirloom!


My client wanted to combine her mother's engagement ring with her best friend's mother's sapphire band while keeping the actual setting from the engagement ring intact. I created this 14k white gold wide band with the blue sapphire accents for an everyday right-hand ring that’s a loving memory of both important women to her.


The perfect Reimagined Heirloom®

I have several pieces of jewelry - necklaces, bracelet and earrings - that I love. However, my favorite piece is my Reimagined Heirlooms® ring. After losing my Mom as a teenager, I wore her engagement ring on my right hand at all times. Years later, the mother of a dear friend passed away and she gave me a simple sapphire band.

I started wearing them together (though the yellow-gold band a white-gold diamond ring really didn't go together, except in my heart). Enter Susanne. She took both pieces and came up with a gorgeous design incorporating both rings (and keeping the original engament setting intact - critical for me). I wear it every day and I can't count the number of compliments I receive. I smile each time I look at it as it represents two strong women who influenced my life and I'm lucky to have a beautiful reminder of them at all times. Thanks Susanne!


Aquamarine Cocktail Ring

My client wanted a special statement ring that she didn’t have to save for special occasions. We used the aquamarine center stone, and added some of the tiny diamonds to create this magnificent sparkler!

Pearl & Diamond Stacking Rings

You can never go wrong with stacking rings, so my client and I designed used her heirloom diamonds and seed pearls to add these classics to her collection.

Diamond & Ruby Freeform Ring

Two stunning diamonds from my client's collection are paired in this abstract design that includes bezel set rubies in a sea of brushed gold.

Garnet & Diamond Cuff Bracelet

Wanting a bracelet to elevate everyday style, my client and I decided on a streamlined silhouette with a hinge-and-lock safety clasp to keep her heirloom gemstones safe and sound.

Legacy Statement Ring

Bringing together gemstones from seven different family heirlooms, this statement ring contains my client's fondest memories of the style & grace of the generations that came before her.

Garnet Padparasha Sapphire Accent Statement Ring

Using a faceted Garnet my client's dad had given her mom, we added gorgeous and rare Padparasha Sapphires as accents to create what she refers to as her "2020 Survival Ring".

Accented Diamond Studs

Diamonds from an heirloom Pearl and Diamond ring were reimagined to create these gorgeous wear-with-everything diamond studs with diamond accents flush set into the brished white gold setting.

Reimagined Cameo Ring

This antique cameo was my client’s grandmother’s that her father gave her. We accented the sides with her grandmother’s birthstone, sunny yellow tourmaline.

Large Gold Torque Bracelet

Gorgeous champagne diamonds were sourced especially for this gold cuff we created, using old gold my client wasn't wearing anymore. Now it's her everyday go-to!

Sapphire / Diamond Band

My client's Sapphire baguettes were paired with matching sized Diamonds set as squares, creating a contemporary statement ring.

Gold / Turquoise Medallian Ring

We accented my client's grandma's medallion with my client’s birthstone-turquoise, to combine two generations in this unique gold ring.

Diamond Mosaic Wedding Ring

This exceptional diamond wedding band combines diamonds my client's mother-in-law had given her, set in 18k yellow gold, to create this diamond mosaic of a ring.

Sparkly Cuff Bracelet

My client had sparkly crystals her dad had given her over the years, so we created this bold power cuff bracelet she enjoys wearing everyday!

Smoky Quartz Cocktail Ring

This knockout ring using Smokey Quartz, Rubies and Diamonds from two of her grandmother’s cocktail rings were combined to create this awesome 14k white gold statement piece.

Serpent Torque Bracelet

This 14k yellow gold bracelet was created using an opal from a pendant, diamonds from various family heirlooms and gorgeous rubies from a family ring.

Emerald and Diamond Pendant

My client had ornate victorian emerald and diamond jewelry that she wasn't wearing from her grandmother. She wanted something special that she would actually wear. This unique emerald and diamond pendant is just that!

Emerald and Diamond Earrings

Using emeralds and diamonds from my client's grandmother's jewelry, she wanted something special that she would actually wear. These gorgeous earrings can be worn dressed up or down.

Lapis Link Bracelet

This Lapis is beautiful with tiny gold flecks. We took out the stones from a large 70's pendant and reimagined it into a link bracelet with pearls set in 18k gold. It's an elegant staple she can wear anytime.

Amethyst and Emerald Ring

The Amethysts, Emerald and accent Diamonds came from my client’s mom’s rings. We created this handcarved 14k yellow gold ring to be enjoyed by her daughter now and for generations to come.

Diamond and Garnet Ring

This beautiful Reimagined Heirloom®️ came from taking the center garnets from my client’s grandmother‘s earrings and the diamonds from her great aunt‘s engagement ring. Set in 14k white gold, it’s a stunning and wearable statement ring she can wear every day.

Emerald and Gold Mosaic Ring

It started with two emerald crosses- one given to her by her mother and the other from her grandmother. This ring includes all of these emeralds and evokes an image of a stained glass window, a mosaic of generations and heartfelt memories.

Emerald/Diamond Torque Bracelet

This gorgeous Emerald and Diamond torque bracelet in 18k yellow gold is a perfect everyday accessory. It started as elegant Emerald and Gold Dangly earrings from my client's mother-in-law and she hardly ever wore them.

5 Carat Wedding Band

After the passing of my client's husband, she wore his wedding band everyday. Then she had the great idea to add some sparkle. The result is a big diamond for a big love that shines bright.

Organic Shaped Gold Ring with Diamonds

Using diamonds my client wasn’t wearing (including one her dad had given her mom), and understanding her special love of the mountains, I was inspired to design this 18k and Diamond ring invoking an organic look of mountainous terrain.

Amethyst Cocktail Ring

This big bold cocktail ring features Purple Amethyst and diamond accents from a pendant of my client's beloved Mom, who was a bright bold spirit and ready to be center stage.

Ruby/Diamond Large Torque Bracelet

My client had Diamonds and Rubies in jewelry she wasn't wearing from her Mom and Grandma. She loves my Gold Torque bracelets and wanted a large statement she can enjoy everyday.

Blue Topaz Talisman Necklace

These beautiful blue topaz once belonged to my client’s grandmother. While wearing them kept her grandma‘s memory close, she wanted an updated style. She calls this her Talisman necklace, worn everyday, and especially on those days where you need a little extra magic on your side.

Diamond Bow Ring

My client had a string of pearls with this gorgeous bow as the clasp. She wasn't wearing the pearls and wanted a special ring. So, we repurposed the beautiful Diamond clasp and added a double banded 14k white gold shank for a lovely everyday ring.

Garnet Birthday Band

Using Garnets from her grandmother's ring and setting them in 14k yellow gold, my client wanted a simple, yet elegant, everyday ring.

Colored Gemstone Ring

These gemstones were taken from my client's pendant she had from her grandma. The sentiment is with her in this incredible everyday statement piece.

Emerald & Diamond Pendant on Pearls

My client's great-grandmother's birthstone ring was reimagined into her wedding day necklace. A removable emerald and diamond pendant set in 14k white gold on pearls.

Multicolored Gemstone Ring

These gemstones came from my client's grandma's ring that wasn't her style. She loves it even more that she's excited to wear her new ring!


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