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Designing timeless, one-of-a-kind pieces is my passion. Whether it’s your favorite gemstone you'd like me to find or using a stone you brought back from your travels…let’s capture the story behind it and create your favorite piece you love to wear!


Exquisite Imperial Topaz gemstones are especially rare, partly because we needed a matching set for the earrings and because Imperial Topaz is the rarest and most valuable of the Topaz family. I work with amazing gem dealers all over the world and can find you almost anything!


Imperial Topaz from the Ouro Preto mines of Brazil

My client's wife wanted special birthstone earrings. Her birthday is in November and she thought she didn't like Topaz. But she didn't know about Imperial Topaz - it's the rarest and most valuable of the Topaz family, ranging in color from golden yellow to sherry pink.


Featuring Emeralds, Diamonds, Peridot and Alexandrite

This family birthstone ring idea came from my client who wanted a really exquisite 50th birthday present for her twin sisters. She wanted to create a special ring to commemorate her whole family. Dad was May (Emerald), Mom was April (Diamond), the sisters are August (Peridot) and my client is June (we chose Alexandrite instead of Pearl). I think it’s as beautiful as it is sentimental. Once we finalized the design- shapes, sizes of the stones, I sourced these beautiful gemstones from my (one of my) incredible gem dealer. The birthday girls were thrilled with the heartfelt meaning and the rings are treasures that are sure to be tomorrow’s heirloom!


Madagascar Tourmaline Ring

This beautiful pink tourmaline is one of the gorgeous stones I brought back from Madagascar.
My client fell in love with it and we worked together to make this modern design that showcases the beautiful color of the gem.

Rutilated Quartz and Champagne Diamond Statement Ring

An 80th birthday calls for a kick ass ring! Using Bahia Golden Rutilated Quartz with champagne diamonds as accents, this 14k recycled yellow gold statement ring is the ultimate accessory.

Rutilated Quartz and Champagne Diamond Earrings

These knockout earrings were a gift for my client's wife's big birthday.
I soureced these gorgeous gemstones directly from the stonecutter and mine owner. It's Bahian Golden Rutilated Quartz from Brazil. They are accented with champagne diamonds and brushed recycled yellow gold to bring out the natural beauty of the golden rutile

14k Gold Rutilated Quartz Statement Ring

A statement ring of Gorgeous Bahian Golden Rutilated Quartz from Brazil, set in brushed recycled yellow gold to bring out the natural beauty of the golden rutile.

Peridot and Diamond 14k Gold Earrings

These gorgeous AAA quality peridot were chosen especially for these custom earrings for a special August birthday girl. Accented with diamonds and set in brushed reclycled 14k yellow gold, they are the ultimate stud to dress up or down.

Labrodorite Ring with Diamond Accents

This fun Labradorite ring with diamond accents and mixed metals (brushed 14k gold bezel and brused sterling silver triple band was the perfect gift for a very stylish lady!

Imperial Topaz and Diamond 14k Gold Earrings

Imperial Topaz gemstones, set in brushed 18k yellow gold, paired with sparkly white diamonds. The handcarved bezel setting juxtaposes the high sparkle of the gemstones for a look that can be dressed up or down.


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