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Health, Wealth & Happiness

Health, Wealth and Happiness

“If you have your health, you have everything.” My grandpa used to always say this, and when I was a kid, I have to admit, I just fluffed it off- thinking, well, I guess so, if that’s all you have. Precocious, child, go figure.

My Grandpa was never at a loss for words of wisdom. He bestowed all kinds of precious gems on us that I didn’t really appreciate until I became an adult. He’d say,

“Make every day a good day!”

“No one gives you anything, you have to go out and get it!”

“Sit up straight!”

“Listen to your Mother!”


Got it Gramps!

Grandpa also loved to send handwritten notes, because that’s what you did, back in “the day”. At the bottom of each note, along with his signature, he always wished us health, wealth and happiness. He was full of insight and wisdom, and his sentiment is the inspiration for my latest collection, Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Grandpa’s wishes for his family were simple…

Health - Because without it, you have nothing

Wealth – Not just money, but rich in connections, family and love

Happiness – You choose your happiness, and if you have your health, and wealth, that’s all you need.


So pure, and even more relevant today than ever before.


Three little diamonds, each representing health, wealth and happiness, are the basis for my latest collection. The design concept started as a ring, and I've expanded the collection to include a necklace, earrings and bracelet. Each piece is made-to-order, with the diamonds set in your choice of 14k or 18k yellow, white or rose gold. Classic, simple and timeless, these sentimental pieces will always be relevant.


We’ve pushed the “pause” button on so many things lately, but there’s still so many reasons to celebrate. Anniversaries, birthdays and holidays are still happening, and the most treasured gifts are overflowing with love, meaning and sentiment. For sure, my grandpa would have approved of finding the silver (ok, maybe gold) lining, even during these challenging times.

 Health, wealth and happiness. My grandpa’s wish for us, is also my wish for all of you. 

Are you looking for an easy-to-wear everyday piece you love? Do you want to choose a meaningful gift for someone special? I'd love to create your very own Health, Wealth and Happiness piece of jewelry. Contact me here to chat about it or call me at 312-544-9275. 


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