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She Said Yes!

I have the best job ever!

I get to learn my clients’ amazing stories and design timeless, meaningful jewelry that brings them joy for a lifetime. 

Greg contacted me after his mom, a longtime friend and former colleague in my advertising life, sent him my way to design the engagement ring of his girlfriend's dreams. He told me he was looking for a special diamond to give Molly, his steady girlfriend since high school. They had talked about it and he knew exactly what she wanted. The ring was to be simple, elegant and timeless. I was excited to get started and find the perfect diamond for this awesome couple. 


The diamond market is tight right now - less larger diamonds available. Demand is high and prices are at a premium- typical supply and demand issues. I reached out to four of my favorite diamond dealers to find out what they had available, scouring the market to find diamonds that fit Greg’s specifications —price range, carat weight (size) color, cut, clarity. I found four stones that seemed perfect for their ring. We met in person and I showed them one for size, one for quality, one that was more of a value option and one that had everything.


Molly quickly found her favorite. 


We measured her finger size, discussed exactly what overall style she wanted in the ring design- platinum, number of prongs, etc. It was created to meet all her specifications… the diamond engagement ring she’d always dreamed of. 


I delivered the ring to Greg and included a bottle of Champagne to toast.

A few weeks later... a lakefront proposal!


I am so excited for this beautiful couple and so honored to have played a small part in their love story. 


Best wishes Greg and Molly, for a lifetime of love and laughter! 


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