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Power Jewelry. It's a thing

More often than we realize, our jewelry is about something so much more personal than just looking pretty.


It’s love

It’s connection

It’s a talisman


The jewelry we choose to wear reflects how we feel and helps tell our story.


...Think Wonder Woman and her magic bracelets

...The queen and her crown

...Sarah and her 2020 survival ring


2020 was a year for the history books. It was challenging, thought-provoking, scary and an all around big freakin sh*tshow!


But we made it through.


Sometimes it feels good to have a symbol, a talisman of sorts, representing our strength, our journey. It’s a reminder of our experiences, whether they be good, challenging or simply powerful. 


I learn daily how much meaning is behind the jewelry I create for my clients. It’s an awesome honor and responsibility, and I don’t take it lightly.


Sarah came to me wanting to create a 2020 survival ring. She knew from the beginning that’s what her ring would represent. She had long ago created her own tradition of marking significant milestones with a special piece of jewelry. 2020 was a particularly difficult year and she wanted to commemorate getting through it. Using a deep dark red Garnet she had given her Mom many years ago from her own travels, we reimagined it into a beautiful power piece she would wear every day. We chose orangey/ pink Padparadsha Sapphires as accent stones and set them in yellow gold. On each side was a tiny star setting armed with enough warmth and sparkle to remind her of what she’d survived and carry her into a bright future. 


Christa came to me wanting to create a Reimagined Heirloom®️ connecting generations of her family. She had 2 pairs of earrings, 2 wedding rings, and loose stones she had collected over the years from her Mom, stepMom, both maternal grandmothers, and her Dad... beautiful pieces that were full of sentiment, but weren’t jewelry she would ever wear. 


For YEARS, she’d wanted to 'do something' with all of it and have a special piece made she could wear all the time. We collaborated, the process started with a pile of jewelry and stones, to drawings and consultations, to a wax carving, gold casting and stone setting to create (in her words) an UNBELIEVABLE, AMAZING, AND SPECTACULAR knockout everyday ring she will have all her lifetime... and then some, to pass down to her own niece. Truly tomorrow’s heirloom. As Christa said, there will never be another ring like this, connecting all of her loved ones together in one beautiful piece of jewelry for future generations. 


And BJ, the picture of style, grace and positive energy. She had a bunch of diamonds from her husband’s side of the family in varying sizes and shapes that she wanted made into a ring. 

It wasn’t going to be just any ring, but a really exceptional diamond wedding band like she had never had before. Her reason for creating it now was a big one. She was undergoing treatment for a rare form of cancer and wanted something beautiful to look at while she was going through this challenging experience. We worked together to create a mosaic of diamonds in various shapes and sizes around her finger. It looks different at every angle and there’s space in between the stones to see the finger- reminding us always to leave room to let the light shine through. 


When we wear something beautiful and full of meaning it can take us to a brighter place of hope, power, love and strength - a true talisman of inspiration.


My place in these stories feels much like the story-teller, the ghost-writer. I get to bring these stories to life and I feel both humbled and empowered by that.


What's your story? 

I’d love to work with you to create your very own custom piece of power jewelry!


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