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Find the Hidden Treasures in Your Jewelry Box

Jewelry is meant to bring you joy, tell your story, share your adventures, and help you express yourself beautifully and effortlessly. Heirloom jewelry, or jewelry that’s been passed down or given to you, has its own story, usually wrapped in sentiment. We often don’t wear it because it’s not our style or looks too dated. That doesn’t change the fact that it means a lot, as does the person who gave it to you. 


One of my favorite things to do as a fine jewelry designer is to make over those pieces that are collecting dust in your jewelry box and breathe new life into them.

Don’t think you have anything like that?

I'll bet you do!

Let's say your great-aunt left you her emerald and diamond earrings and necklace. Your life doesn’t bring much opportunity to wear ornate jewelry dripping in diamonds. 

So what do you do with it? Wouldn’t it be stunning turned into elegantly designed timeless earrings and a pendant that you can wear to work or out to dinner?

Before and after images creating beautiful new emerald and diamond earrings and necklace

Or maybe you have a bunch of baubles just taking up space in your jewelry box. Some are big gold chains from the 80’s that hopefully will never come back in style, or earrings you never liked when your college boyfriend gave them to you in the first place. You may even have a few broken or mismatched pieces- you have no idea what they are, but hold on to them anyway. I can take that hodgepodge of jewelry and turn it into a lovely ruby and diamond cuff or maybe a gorgeous ring with multi-colored stones, a simple stacking ring to accent what you already wear… you get the idea.

You may have inherited your grandmother's emerald birthstone ring in 14k gold, but you never wear yellow gold and your birthstone is the pearl. Wouldn't it be great to combine the two in a gorgeous necklace with a strand of pearls, and a removable pendant with the emerald set in white gold with tiny diamond accents? One of my clients did just that and it was the breathtaking “something old” she wore on her wedding day. The pendant is removable and she often takes it off the opera length pearls and wears it on a simple chain for everyday.

Unwanted emerald ring reimagined into a pearl and emerald necklace for a gorgeous bride

Is your wedding band in need of an update? Do you have other sentimental stones you’d like to add? My clients were celebrating their 15  year wedding anniversary - She wanted something new for her band and had some beautiful diamonds from a pendant her mother had left her. We removed the stones from the pendant and added them to some of the diamonds from her original wedding band to create an incredible new ring she adores. In fact her husband even said “ Why did we not have you create our original wedding rings?!" (Music to my ears!)

The design process of a ring, starting with sketches on notebook paper, then looking at the new ring form, and finally the finished ring

These are actual examples of Reimagined Heirlooms™ I’ve designed to bring life into jewelry that was just sitting unworn in a drawer.


Designing jewelry you love that tells your story is my passion! Sometimes the jewelry we inherit from our loved ones isn’t our style and ends up sitting in a drawer, forgotten. I would love to work with you to reimagine this jewelry into a beautiful statement piece that brings your story to life and becomes your favorite signature accessory!

The surprising fact about all of this is that you are often sitting on money - actual cash! The precious metals we don’t use in your new piece can be sold at market value, and the money goes toward creating your beautiful new piece of jewelry. 


Let's schedule a private complimentary consultation and we'll find the hidden treasures in your jewelry box.

We'll examine the jewelry you don't wear and chat about new design ideas. 

If you have gold or platinum to sell, I'll weigh it and let you know its approximate value. This can be used as credit towards making your new piece of jewelry.

I test diamonds, measure stones, etc. We'll discuss exciting reimagined design ideas to create something you'll love to wear that will hold your memories close. 

Sounds fun, right?! It is!

Look forward to talking with you!


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